Lateral Views : So much of being a rational being?

The disadvantage of having a black car is the conspicuousness of anything un-black on it. I bruised my black car heavily on the right side. The sight of heavy scratches with white stains breaks my heart every morning. So, I decided to get some quick job done in one of the local garage. I don’t go to garage except for the time-bound servicing and hence I don’t know much about service charges. The only thing I know is that car dealers make maximum money out of servicing charges than by selling. Hence the presumption that car servicing is expensive.

One Sunday afternoon, I drove to one local garage and asked them how much they will charge to re-work those patches. I conversed in hindi thinking the gentlemen was a local. He pulled out his cell and began to phone an expert. I was amused to hear him talking in Manipuri on the phone. All I could hear him asked was whether “thunder black” is for fludic verna and whether the stock is available? But nothing on the price. After the call, he told me he will need a day to complete the job, but he was not telling me the charges, which was my primary question. I repeated the question point blank. He fiddled around and started giving reasons but without the answer I was looking for. Finally, he conceded and told me 3 grants and again following up with explanations of why that paint is expensive… inflation, stock market, crude oil price, bla bla bla…

Two shots volleyed my mind:

On the lighter side – My shenanigans almost made me prank him by surprising him in the same language he just spoke and make him feel scandalized. Well, you don’t spook your folks in foreign land, so I choose anonymity to bring some grace to the scene.

On a serious note – I initially thought 3K is not bad as I was prepared for higher spending. But as usual, the rationale mind sprang up to do some scene investigation to evaluate whether the costing quoted was indeed the right price. The reluctance and reticent demeanor of the guy made me think that I was being played and that I’ve to negotiate hard for the right price or I should try the next garage which might give better rate. As usual, rationality got the better off; this can’t be the best deal, I have to scout for the next cheaper garage. The market was dry as it was Sunday, I couldn’t find other shops. Either I have to go back to the same garage or come looking for other garage on working days. I thought I’ll be better off some other day and in the meantime, to save me from morning heartache I thought of fixing some temporary solution myself. On my way back, I bought a fabric black ink and painted those scratches myself.

Few weeks have passed; I still don’t know where the other (right price) garage is located nor do I have the bandwidth and time to go garage hunting. Fabric paint on metal is bound to wane soon and so the scratches are slowly coming back. The thought of “What if I shell out those 3K that day?” start to come back. I mean, 3K at that moment & backdrop might have been a pinch but it would have been long forgotten by now. A dinner out cost as much and how many dine outs do I remember which keeps haunting back?
In retrospect, had I chosen the irrational path of just spending 3K, then today I will be with a completed job and also I would have already adjusted those money in my system. But because of that rationale sense which convinced me to procrastinate with the reason that the deal is not the optimal one available in the market and I can find better deal some other day…I’m now still stuck in the moment which perhaps is a year back and is not able to escape.

You know, I chose the rational path and here I’m, a man with unaccomplished job with a nagging thoughts every now and then seeing those faded fabric paints…So much of those rational thoughts, it’s kind of funny that this same rational thought which made me procrastinate is now questioning whether that same rational thought was really rational?



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