A dinner with “Bong-Bash” in the menu!!!

…I need to start with a disclaimer FOR I don’t have any bias view or ulterior motive against any community or individual…I brand myself a global citizen…and I also know I’m self-sufficiently endowed with inherent complexities that I don’t need to create any additional complexities by giving unnecessary opinion on any person or community…

Somewhere or somehow I’ve been intertwined with the Bongs in some form or the other. As you would have observed, there are many interesting facet about them which made me coined this word “concentrated being”. In the sense, it doesn’t take too much time to find out if a person is a bong or not…the bongoness just exudes instantly (not from the physical appearances). While I’m not trying to write something on bongs nor impose some opinion, but I thought I’ll share this little excerpt from an official dinner table conversation of bong bashing by a Bong…I thought it’s worth sharing for two reasons:

  • Time and again Bong bashing Bongs seems to be one of the more common “Own Community Bashing” I have come across. Maybe it’s a fluke or maybe my network has high concentration of bongs…
  • Be it as it may, I also find quite insightful most of the time, thought it might not be useful at times…and this is one such moment

It started off with…“Out of Frustration”…

“If IDEAL is important, so is pragmatism” was a phrase he used for a bong government officials who have been a pain in our business for quite some time. This official has been literally sticking to each and every word on the book of law/policy even if it does not make rational sense. His adherence or compliance goes to the extent of absurdity and extraterrestrial, which create unnecessary and unwarranted blockages for business to functioning and continue. One analogy used to describe was of a driver caught in catch 22 situation where the traffic light (without timer) just turned red while the driver is in the middle of crossings and a policeman stopped him for fine. From the perspective of LAW, the policeman has every right to fine the driver for the driver could not complete the crossing while the light was green. At the same time, from the driver point of view the light was still green when he started off and hence he is also rightful from his perspective.

Hence, what will an ideal policeman who believes in “JUSTICE” do in such situation?

Maybe at times, one need to be more sensitive and juxtapose the context along with the rule and make judgment rather than read the law like parrot. Law/Rule needs to be taken by the spirit and not just the literal meaning. Laws/rules are fundamentally made not to give authority to punish people but to instill obedience or adherence. Hence, law/rule becomes petty if an innocent person with genuine and sincere intent becomes a victim of the literal translation.  

The discussion moved to the discarded Tata-Nano project in Singhur, West Bengal as to whether Ms Banerjee will be successful in returning the land to the farmers? And it goes on as to whether West Bengal benefitted from the Project moving to Sanand in Gujarat? The crowd who were mostly non-bongs were in unison of the fact that West Bengal lost a huge opportunity which Gujarat gained. After all, Sanand became a hot property after Tata-Nano project came. Land prices exploded like never before as commercialization started and all landowners (mainly farmers) in and around Sanand were multiplying the worth of their assets without their efforts. I’m sure any normal person would also come to the same conclusion.

However, an academically and critically chronic bong can cook up a different perspective …If Sanand was so successful, then why did the Sanand electoral seat went to the Congress?



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