If you don’t solve…It ain’t count!!!

I came to know of my flight delay from the display board in the airport. Since I was done checking in early I tried to proceed for security check-in immediately as the security lounge area has better seating arrangement than the check-in lounge area. The security guy told me that the flight is delayed and security check will start sometime later so I have to wait for a while until the announcement. At that point a ground executive from the airline came to check out if I need some help. I casually asked him if I can check in as there is not much place to hang out in the lounge area; the casual conversation went a bit unscripted. As I’m in my hay days of sarcasm and nasty-ism, seeing the executive trying to act smart cookie, the casual conversion quickly turned verbal banter though it was never intended…I mean I don’t want to travel heavy either outside or inside.

This is how the conversation went, when I told him I should have been informed about the delay – 

  • Me – “I never got an SMS intimation of the delay in the flight”
  • Executive – “You should update your latest mobile number”
  • Me – “Dude, I just booked my ticket couple of days, what do you mean I need to update my latest mobile number?”
  • Executive – “Most of our passengers got the SMS…What can we do if you don’t get” (I’m sure he won’t have checked the SMS delivery repot and even if he does, there is no way he will know whether the SMS actually  reached every customers unless it’s a non existing mobile number)
  • Me – “Then what should I do so that I get SMS from you (I was tempted to say – Do I need to buy specific handset so that I get SMS from your airline next time I fly?)

 Knowing I’m one of those smart cookie slayers or maybe he felt cornered…Finally 

  • Executive – “Why don’t you go and check at the ticketing counter and find out why you didn’t get SMS intimation?”
  • Me – “What’s the point in checking now, will it undo anything?”
  • Executive – “I don’t want to argue, what do you want me to do”
  • Me – “I just want you to shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking”…

 And so I went for some coffee to burn my tongue…!!!

 While I may sound the villain here, but things would have been different had the executive simply acknowledged the fact that I was the aggrieved party who was deprived off an expected service/solution which I was supose to get. I mean flight delay is nothing new to anyone and I seriously would not have any qualms adjusting myself for a while in the check-in lounge.

As a consumer, the most irksome thing when there is solution/service lapse is when the solution provider trying to wash off their participation from the failure and blaming some irrelevant matters and then behaving as if he/she has fulfilled his/her responsibilities and that consumer should be happy about his/her efforts…Bollocks!!!   

Somewhere it is inherent in us that the moment we sense we are in the losing party or someone talks about the failure we are part of, the natural instinct seems to be trying to splinter off our part from the system and proving we didn’t fail, either by passing buck or manufacturing reasons why the failure was not because of us. Even if we know our task failed, we still believe that our individual contribution to the task didn’t fail. Come on, what good is a section brilliance when the entire chapter is garbage?         

The Americans were second to the French in the men’s 4*100 swimming freestyle relay in the just concluded London Olympics, despite the Americans were star studded with Phelps and Lochte of the world. The simple reason was that the French were collectively faster than the Americans and which is the task in a relay race. Though Michael Phelps did well in his heat/row, but he can’t credit himself as London Olympics GOLD medalist in swimming relay by dissociating himself from the team and neither does he has the right to claim Gold Medal Bonus for that event. In the same manner, until and unless the task at hand is not completed, you cannot claim yourself to be a winner because your bit was done on time. The fact is that, until the goal is achieved, irrespective of how good you’ve done your part, you are just part of the unfinished project.

A quote from the movie Moneyball goes like this “I hate losing much more than I want winning”. Somewhere this line from Brad Pitt seems to be innate in most of us. Most of us by nature just hate being a failure or we just don’t accept that fact that we do make mistakes. We are so much focused on not being “WRONG” that we end up forgetting about winning the game. By the way, mistakes are sometimes the ladder to success.

To err is human and to forgive is divine. Hence, there is nothing wrong in being the wrong or being part of the failing party as long as we call ourselves human. Mistakes are not mistakes if the intention is right and if one doesn’t repeat the same mistakes the next time.  However, mistake becomes a shame when one tries to unnecessarily reason it out with the purpose of cleansing the association because he/she has done her bit.        

Just then, somewhere some voice came “We apologize for the inconveniences caused due to the delay in flight. However, the delay was on account of the flight getting delayed in Kolkatta airport because the runway…bla bla bla” …Senorita, I know the flight is delayed and it doesn’t lighten the anger whether it was due to Kolkatta or Timbaktu or Mr. Patel’s daughter wants to reduce the flight speed so that she has a clearer view of the empty space mid air!!!



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