Lateral Views: How HIGH can yours jump???

It seems our brain (including yours) have about 100 billion brain cells, which can result in 20 million billion calculations per second…The heck!!! No doubt life is complex. Also it kind of explains why we always wonder why someone changes his/her mind so quickly or why someone can think so differently or why some questions so much…etc…etc…

Anxious or nervous moments are part of our day to day life; waiting for results or uncomfortable silent moments when higher authority summons for some goof ups are commonplace. As an owner of such processing powers, mind tends to create situations or possible outcomes during those moments… you know various types of what ifs. Those passing thoughts do wreck the nerves bruised and battered. Irrespective of how much we try, it just doesn’t go, rather the harder we try the stickier it gets.   

Passing thoughts are fundamental and hence there is hardly anything one can do about it, it’s innate in us. However, if you take a 360 degree paradigm shift, those passing thoughts are not always sinister by design. In fact it plays an important role in creating those exhilarating or euphoric moments.

Just to simplify – You are still in school, you are caught not doing your homework and your headmistress (say Sister Chaantal) is the cruelest gift to students by God. Because your teacher was not in good mood, he decided to take you to BIG Sis C. Because your classroom is the farthest from Sis C crib, you have to take a long corridor walks, which unfortunately generates more spooky passing thoughts. Your mind reflects those narrations from some of your classmates who have experienced Sis C in her full form. It’s your first rendezvous, you are naïve in handling such situations and so the passing thoughts oozes out more because uncertainty gives broader horizon to create situations, things like the If’s, How’s, Where’s, et al. Somewhere something happened, Sis C was in worst form, it was a superfine morning for her, she lets you go scot free with a simple dose of “doing homework makes Johnny a better person”…and the evening bell just tolled. Bingo!!! The exhilaration reached roof top; the sense of vindication was overwhelming, the level of euphoria was never before experienced.       

Now, would a student for whom going to Sis C was a daily chores would have the same exhilaration like yours because he went scot free this time? I doubt so; it’ll not be more than just a flicking off some dust from the shoulder.   

How does this thingy work then???

The other day I had a random discussion with a mate on why different people experience different degree of happiness. His explanation though physics in fundamental, seems to fit this phenomenon. According to him, the flow of human state of mind is like waves, which has a trough (the low) and a crest (the high) with equi-distance jump and rhythm in alternate. The more the depth of the trough, the higher the crest and hence if your low is very depressed then the level of elevation will also be very high. A simple pictorial representation will look something like this –    

The upward dotted arrow in the above pictures denotes the level of exhilaration you will get and the vice versa for the downward arrow.

Coming back to our hypothetical anecdote – While you were corridor walking, your state of mind was at rock bottom, so when Sis C let you scot free, the mind jumps to the crest travelling same distance as when it was low because the level of exhilaration or euphoria depends on the distance between the crest and trough. Now let’s take the case of the other student for whom going to Sis C is a daily chores, the wave would be much flatter. The distance between the crest and trough will be almost touching and hence there is hardly any jump in his state of mind resulting in mild or minimal exhilaration.      

Therefore, there is no drawback in dramatizing things or there is nothing wrong if your are those anxious or nervous freaks who doesn’t need a nail clipper. Because going by our principal, those pure moments of bliss tends to belong to such jumpy beings. Instead if you are those play it cool types, then maybe you will never experience those “HIGH” moments. Those Mr. Cools are not necessarily the most fun people from inside, they may be devoid of anxiety but they are also devoid of exhilaration…What good is life if you can’t experience those moment of Nitro Shots!!! What good is life if the maximum you can produce is just a smile and not those thundering laughter???

However, the caveat is that we cannot consciously control this flow of wave even though it is generated from our mind, because it is embedded in our subconscious, which occupies larger part of our mind share than the conscious. The unfortunate script is that this two brother “The Conscious & The Subconscious” has a big communication gap.

Nevertheless, moral of the story is, “in sadness also lies happiness”…

Shallom & Blessed Sunday!!!


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1 Response to Lateral Views: How HIGH can yours jump???

  1. Raka Guha says:

    Oh Finally a Blog!! I totally agree with u Prithwish and ofcourse its like the “troughs and crests” at my end :))

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