Lateral Views: Fast & Furious Five and the offshoot!!!

It was after a hiatus of about 4 months from movie hall (even I don’t know why the hiatus in the first place), walked down to PVR for Fast & Furious Five all by myself…The AQ (adrenaline quotient) of the movie was smack-down, beautiful cars running real fast, sporadic scene of nice samba chicks, actions that tossed you up and down throughout the movie, it was one hell of a movie ride, 100% PAISA VASOOL stuff…

Incidentally the way back home was drive back in my car. Stepping on the accelerator and hitting the tarmac was easy as the mall was by the highway, reaching 90 KM/hr was even easier, at least today…maybe hangover or still lost in transition from RIO to AHMEDABAD…The empty smooth highway with newly finished flyover do help, however got woken up by the wobble of my girl, the steering wheel vibrated conspicuously unlike in 2004 when I hit 140 mark with the same old girl but without a flicker. By the way she is a 6 years old Santro, wagoned around the country every 2nd year…Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore-Mumbai and now Ahmedabad…For good or bad, somewhere the moment spin-off two thoughts –

  1. I really need a new car now and I’ve postponed enough already
  2. I can be such a child or movie can really hit me on

I will work on the first point tomorrow when I’m in office…Coming to the second one –

I don’t call myself movie buff/junkie, for the sheer reasons that I don’t watch too much or do I get the self urge to run to movie hall every Friday or do I suggest/initiate for movie plan among my flock. I most of the time would trade-off for a drinking session or maybe a sweat out or even just completing household chores or worst of all cost-cutting…However, there seem to be lot of symptoms which the wobble had wobbled out –

  • I’ve never walked out of any movie irrespective of which one, even on laptos. Testimonials – I’ve completed the entire run of “Ramgopal Verma ki Aag” or for that matter the recent “Tees Mar Khan” in one stretch and all by myself…
  • Reaching a movie hall even a split second after the movie started is one of my most irritants of life…I would rather skip it for the next show or some other day
  • I don’t watch horror movies even now (even at the brink of menopause age)…it just gives me uncomfortable nights!!!

Also, movie do really haunt me for sometime…though the haunting was more severe in those polka dot days, when emotions where much deeper and thicker. I still remember in my Delhi days, the movie Titanic stayed onto me for atleast the next 40/60 days, I kept on thinking about Rose Dawson, what would have been her life in America without Jack and without going back to her mom or fiancé (I was aware of then that those characters were scripted)…Infact I kept those Priya ticket for souvenir for years…hahaha!!! Movie for sure is a great transporter from our real hectic world, even though for a short period.

Well about the movie, it’s a decent flick irrespective of how much would those critics have rated it…The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) did bring new freshness. Go watch it even all by your self.



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