Lateral Views: The King’s Speech – A parallel

The content of the King’s Speech is about the declaration of World War by His Majesty King George VI to his subject on AIR. While the speech per se was some run of the mill, formality…The story and journey captured in the movie has some real profound context. Though it sounds a boring English drama, but I’m sure most people will relate to it because of the parallel that can be drawn in our ordinary day-to-day life…The movie actually trigger some thoughts, though might not have real connections with the King’s journey…

I always have this incapability of trying to bridge the virtual and reality within me, in my head to be specific –

  • The virtual meaning what I conceived in my head of the planning/execution of a task or job, before the event really happened, e.g. The envisaging of how I would pull off a review, presentation, or make some public speech after preparing and all due diligence…


  • The real thing which is what actually happened in the open real practical world.

In most occasions (post the event), I mostly end up cursing myself as to how I could not pulled off exactly the way I have rehearsed or planned in the VIRTUAL space. This will keep on hunting me for quite sometime. A huge regret or remorse for two main reasons –

  • It questions my capability which I don’t buy…The fact that I can pre-planned and perfectly rehearsed with all preparations proves my tactical and thinking capability.
  • The second reason, because others can only see what was presented and which to me is not good enough reason for them to discount me and brand me something lower than what I think of my self.

I keep thinking why actions in the VIRTUAL space is hardly the same with the REALITY space (We are not talking about instances where surprises spring up or there are external uncontrollable factors…but we are talking about the normal situations)…I mean, when you already know and have all the important facts, basis which you prepare or rehearse or simulate in the virtual space, why is it that those words just stopped at the D-hour, or why is it that you can’t answer those simple questions which you rehearse again and again just sometime back or why is it that others  who are unprepared can articulate louder than you, I mean you are the one who is the prepared one?

I haven’t found the root cause or the solutions, however some preliminary suspicion or hypothesis:

  • In the virtual world we are the HERO in the setting, the audience are never intimidating, when we speak everyone listen and everyone understand the context in which we talk, everything we blurted out make the best logical sense…and hence happy ending…huh?
  • However, in reality the audiences suddenly become more important…Hence you try to meet their expectation which was not what you have prepared for and hence it builds pressure in our system and finally succumbs to it.

Relating it back to the movie – The speech therapist said “I’ve never know anyone who is born a stammer”…I guess that kind of sums up, which is that conditioning forced people to stammered and not the genes. The therapist asked The King to read while putting a headphone with loud music on, the King could perfectly read without a single fumble. Also it was seen that the King doesn’t stammer when he sings or swears and most importantly the King talks perfectly fine when he talks to himself or when he thinks. The commonality in all the above conditions are that the King is sterilize from REALITY – When the surroundings are with full volume sound, he can’t even hear himself, and hence the self consciousness of people observing ceases, when he swears he doesn’t care what’s happening around because he is in anger, when he sings he does it for himself so he never has to care about other expectations…

Ending thought – Somewhere, sometimes, not for arrogance, it make sense to give a damn to others and for this you have to be prepared and what you’ve got should be the right one…!!!

P.S. – As far as the movie goes, it’s a bit slow; the screenplay is real, the acting are real and fine…Highly recommended to the more serious movie buffs and in fact it can be motivation to some…!!! BUT, not at all Bollywood Masala…!!!


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