Lateral Views: Inglorious Basterds 1.0

One of the wall hanging in my sister’s room says “Take time to give, for it is to short a day to be selfish”…Though it’s picked up from a street-walk hawker, but the quote is a million dollar. The Bible preaches to help even ones enemy, you’ll find even the most sinful worshipper helping others by feeding/giving away in front of gurudwara, mosque, temple…Prima facie, one of the most exhibited virtue across all section of societies, caste, color, creed and religions would most probably be HELPING others. The debate for WHY is going to be unending and inconclusive, but one thing for sure is that “HELPING” is prevalent in this un-HELPING world.

Just as there is an underlying code of conduct for every transaction…there ought to be some underlying mutually consented code of conduct here as well.

Would altruism go hand-in-hand with arrogance? Do you think anyone would take a gift with an insult? I’m sure even a beggar, off his begging hours would not receive a gift if given in a condescending tone. Just as the same way, the recipient also has certain deemed duties – Thanking is at the basic level, moving up the duty chain – one should not try to take advantage and con the good man for more, if something needs to be return then they ought to be in time. 

Being in an unsecured credit industry and being melted down by the sub-prime crisis, somehow this phenomenon of “giving” and “returning/giving back” has off late hooked me to titillate some lateral views again…

Consumerism is fine, but don’t you think consumer coning corporate is as much a crime as well? That’s the reason why banks are going slow on providing credit because there are huge bunches of un-trustable junta. Sub-prime loans (small ticket personal loan) or two wheeler loans are almost a thing of the past, all because of NPA (People not payback their EMIs) going uncontrollable. Your loan/credit limit eligibility goes down even though you’re general well being is intact, the interest rate shoots up and you no longer get easy access for credit, irrespective of  you are the good one who pays on time, because of those bad ones who infracts – the music is faced equally by everyone. Is this fair?

Well, there will be aberration such as –  

  • Where banks have wrongly charged or wrongly timed because of which wrong outstanding are accrued to customers.
  • Customers is not well informed.
  • Fraud cases.

Let’s park aside these deviations for another post and anyway they would not form significant part.

If you listen to some of those collection calls, it’s funny to know that there are lots of educated and responsible citizens just giving a blind eye to paying back the money they owed. They think that the loan for which they have consented for in writing was an inheritance from their rich forefathers. I know of few colleagues (as educated as me) who just ignore paying back the loan because they know banks no longer have their contact details or they just don’t care to pay back. 

Well these bunches of turncoats are called DEFAULTERS, and hence they will find it hard to get loan anymore with the advent of CIBIL (Credit Bureau of India Limited).

What about those within you’re immediate circle who thinks it’s their birth right to borrow from a buddy but thinks it’s a favor done to that Good Samaritan friend incase he pays back?

Everyone knows that it takes just a casual request to a friend for some money. Going by this quick casual request, don’t you think, there is a strong underlying moral code of conduct that the repay also have to be quick and simple?

These are few observations (not necessarily my experience) which at times baffled me: 

  • You pay him some money out of your safety stocks, he in turns re-lend it to his well wisher who wants to buy some white elephant. He never brings up the topic of paying back, you feel demeaning to remind him, the inertia continues, so you finally sums up all you’re courage…and you know what, it doesn’t bother him at all. Worse, he offers you in bits and pieces over a period of time…Worst of all you’ve got to know that he has enough savings in his account …???
  • He owes you some money. After exhausting all you’re patience because you were waiting for him to proactively pay up, when you go and ask for it he told you that he has just bought a music system so you have to wait for some more time…???
  • As always the chivalrous being, you pay up for the expensive night out. Muusic is long gone, no signs of discussion on how much to pay or when to pay. If you remind him, he’ll direct you to a third person who supposedly owes him some money…???
  • You voluntarily pay up for a team party. With the number of people, the chek obviously is substantial, but the individual contribution might be nominal. It took months for you to sum up all those bits and pieces, because, according to him it’s just a couple of hundred bucks and hence not worth bothering, but for you its about 300*30 bucks…??? 

As a transcended soul, you kind of learn to live with avoidance …and somewhere miracle strikes and he pay you up. You thanked him for getting back you’re money sans the compounded addition, and worse of all, that thick skin wags his smug smiles as if he has done favor to you. 

INGLOROUS BASTERDS is what I can think of…!

 P.S… I’m yet to see the movie.



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