The Drunkard’s Walk-Leonard Mlodinow

This is not a book review, more like a preview review. I had just read the prologue to the book and I got so impressed with the beginning , that I could not stop sharing it with others. And Randomness being the flavor of the season, let me quote the author from the prologue. A full review will soon follow.


A few years ago a man won the Spanish national lottery with a ticket that ended in the number 48. Proud of his “accomplishment,” he revealed the theory that brought him the riches. I dreamed of the number 7 for seven straight nights, he said, “and 7 times 7 is 48.” Those of us with a better command of our multiplication tables might chuckle at the man’s error, but we all create our own view of the world and then employ it to filter and process our perceptions, extracting meaning from the ocean of data that washes over us in daily life. And we often make errors that, though less obvious, are just as significant as his


PS- Please expect a full book review in a the next few days.


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1 Response to The Drunkard’s Walk-Leonard Mlodinow

  1. Ankita Srivastava says:

    Sounds devilishly interesting, Prito. Good to have our own seven times seven view of the world. Wonder what the intelligentia has to say about it. Hope it doesn’t serve to break our seven by sevens.
    Keep writing.Eagerly awaiting the review..

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