Lateral Views :When it comes to love which school of thought do you belong???

While searching for some quotes, I came across one interesting piece (at least to me) on LOVE by George Jean Nathan, which saysA man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy.

On the face of it, it might sound queer because of the line “not for the species of woman” as it has some connotation on the recent media blockbuster, ARTICLE 377…Well, by the way Mr. Nathan is known to be a “ladies man”. What I find interesting in the line is “notin whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled “.

The reason being when it comes to relationship, most of the time most people look out for some compatibility/comfortability or someone who brings smile, zing, excitement, et al. Basically, someone who brings life to the previously lifeless life…Ok then are you saying that Mr. Nathan is just a love critic who just went against the popular theory of relationship on this quote?…Well, at least I feel it is deeply thought out quote.

I was listening the song “Tumse Hi” in “Jab We Met”, I kinda like this song as it gives me a sense of some drowsy or nostalgic sensation…I guess the song did well and is still doing great. Maybe the song and lyrics are romantic which is the essence of song and movies in India or maybe the tunes are soothing to Indian ear drums or maybe the voice compliments the tone of the song or maybe it’s a culmination of all the reasons and maybe some more…

I kind of buy all the points mentioned, but the top reason for my liking is because of the situation, where renegade Sahid Kapoor trying to escape reality by listlessly rambling around nowhere, somehow found himself back through a carefree joie-de-vevre Kareen Kapoor and is back to face the world with new vigor and adrenaline and this song is played in the background. Why I love the situation is because his subconscious was trying to sell his conscious that Kareen is indispensable to his life, the reason for his second shot in life. His subconscious brings Kareena juxtapose him wherever and whatever he was doing which he relishes but couldn’t realize that he was already in love with her. 

I guess many of us would have experienced at some point in our life that even though we didn’t (or don’t want to) notice the blossoming romance in his/her presence but there is a sharp realization of incompleteness or a realization that something is missing when he or she is gone. Exactly the way it was in “Jane Tu Ya Jane Na” where Imran and Genelia realized that it was love and not just platonic friendship brewing between them after they began to part their ways.

So now I need a clarification on which school of though is the correct one:  

Is love:

When you get positive sensation of feeling good and coziness in her/his presence?


When you feel empty hopelessness in her/his absence?



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