Lateral Views: Which slices of your life was you’re best?

Every morning I have a haggling to do with one of my car buddy on the time we should leave for office. I SMSed him the tentative time to which he will negotiate for 10 more minutes and finally we will end up somewhere in the mid path. He is a fine young man, just fresh out of business school and is never enough with his daily dose of sleep. This reminisced me of those “gone days” where you are Mr. Free Willy, where, as long as you are within that attendance cap, you are you’re master to decide on do you have to attend that class?

One fine day, on our way to office, he started a topic on how cruel working life can be of devoiding him from his fundamental rights of sleeping? How he loved those good old schools days. As usual, I responded saying that every time period has its own trough and crest and I began to explain the positive side of being a working individual. I’m not sure whether I really believed in what I said or was it because I loved to tickle every opinion of his?   

Anyway, the thought lingered and I actually compared those different days at the back of my mind and it gave me a nice comparison. So I thought it might be worth penning down.

So, here I am, not knowing how much of sense it will make but it kind of entices me. The idea here is not to draw conclusion of which years were the real WONDER YEARS. And I don’t think it should be or it can be compared, but the idea is just to present a simple mosaic of the different colors in different stages of life…

schoolIf I may conclude, schooldays seems to be the most pristine form and maybe it has the highest happiness quotient, but after experiencing love in college days and then independence (physical, emotional and economical) during working life and also after knowing the fact that we’ve to anyway cross these stages…I would rather say let those little “Malgudi Days” be there in their rightful SPOT…let it be one of those most cherished days…a memory which will bring dimples to our cheeks even in the darkest of hours…but let me go forward on this journey called LIFE and move on to the next phase and try and enjoy exploring the new phases in-stored!!! 




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