Mirror Mirror on the wall…Is that image the real ME?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?” asked the vain queen…comes the reply “Queen, you are full fair, ’tis true, but Snow White is fairer than you.”…Why does the mirror has to mention about poor Snow White…which landed her to so much misery?

Since my B-School days, I’ve gained about 14/15 Kgs in weight and about 3/4 inches in waistline. And this by any non-extraterrestrial human standard, it ought to be some gain…in fact a real gain!   

However trendy and mirror-loving, I think of myself, this extraterrestrial gains were so gradual and spontaneous that it escapes my thinking faculty (maybe “selective” registering). In fact, whenever some random people told me I’ve gained so much weight, I conveniently snubbed them (though not in the face), that this comment of “Oh! You have gained or loose weight” is a top coating in everyone’s tounge today, which just slips out whenever they meet people whom they haven’t seen for a while…To just erase those ringing questions…I will resort to a 7 days GM diet (Cabbage Soup Diet) or a 4 days 30 Minutes sweat out…which would then convince me that I’m back to my Ideal BMI score.

I never took it seriously!… To add to this personal bias, there are two forces which build this NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT:

  • I have always been on the chubbier side since infancy, hence I’m suppose to look a bit more plump then be a lean-mean-love-machine (that’s what my mom also told me)…Anyway Isn’t cute more closer to plumpness then sticky-ness?
  • Also, I have few friends who will tell me that I look fine, I don’t need to tone down…I don’t know how much emotional credit I’ve gained against their account, but why do they have to pay back like this?

I’ve been living in this convenient world that since I’ve big bones and thicker frame I ought to weight more then the prescribe BMI but still look decent enough…Spank to all my well wishers who conjure up this feel good picture in my mind rather then the real me!!!  

Well…no matter how far you run…The bitter truth needs to unfurl somtime!!!

It was on a Sunday noon, I’ve got these few college day friends (who are now bureaucrats-in-training) who visited Mumbai for a week’s training. As a Good Samaritan and Good Host, I took them around Mumbai on a Sunday noon…From Mannat to Oberoi Mall…From JJ Flyover to Sea Link stretch... Like some bunch of Japs tourist, we took few snaps around wherever we feel was good enough to put up in our Orkut and Facebook. 

I don’t develop this habit of keeping camera with me (Though I curse myself for not having some snaps of our turkey and Singapore trips about half a decade ago) and hence the only available check on my figure is the mighty MIRROR. As a forced vagabond from time to time, I used to live in places which have mirrors which need some stretching just to fit your face…let me not justify, that’s not my type J… 

Yup! But the point is, all these while, those dear mirrors will conjure up pictures of me which were those of yester years…It was those look which will give some honor to even a vintage hunting bachelor… 

So on the following Saturday, those friends were to leave from Mumbai. I invited them over for lunch and then drop them to the airport. Since my TV conked and since the weather was sultry, we thought will hole up in my bed room, with the hope that my dilapidated “Harappa days” A/C will give some cool moments. The only source of entertainment was internet (through my wi-fi…Oppsy!!!). Since we put on our laptops, they thought they’ll share me the pictures, which were taken a week back. 

I never thought lightning could strike so hard…

So, I lament…Mirror Mirror on the Wall!!!…Why is the photo showing me different pictures from the image which you displayed an hour ago?…I though you will end in the Snow White tale where you answer what the Queen wants to hear…why are you dragging till today, and why in my home?

Since my mirror can’t give a vocal answer, she whispered in my mind…that, most of the time she will throw back a glimpse of what I want to see in myself.

Irrespective of how much kg or inches you might gain, mirror is just a slave. It’ll give only what her master wants to see in her.

So pretty boys and girls!!!

Keep reality check not only through your mirror but also believe in what the weighing machine has thrown back or what the tape has to measure. Find out how is your status vis-à-vis your friends whom you don’t see on a regular basis…Only then will you have the motivation and intend to tone down or tone up accordingly!!!



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1 Response to Mirror Mirror on the wall…Is that image the real ME?

  1. Pooja says:

    Buddy, regarding the weight, think back about your college days, where you felt perpetually starved thanks to the tre`s horrible ‘Hostel food’, I’m guessing you are considerably better fed now.
    Also you forgot to count all those ‘Beer & booze Calories’.Add to that sedentary lifestyle,sluggish metabolism & age its indeed a sureshot cocktail for weight gain.

    Anyways wouldn’t recommend a GM diet, you surely do lose kilos but you pile them right back on the moment you go back to your normal diet.
    If you are serious abt losing weight, include lots & lots & lots of fiber in your diet (add bran to your chappatis,eat whole grain wheat flakes,brown rice) have & skimmed milk,

    Bid adieu to bananas ,mangoes,grapes,cocnut & corn from your diet.

    Say Hello to Spinach,Lauki,zucchini,broccoli & all the other not so happening veggies.

    Eat grilled chicken / fish & nothing with thick gravy.

    And switch to a sugar replacer, it not only helps reduce weight but delays skin aging & wrinkles.

    Stick to these basics & your mirror will thank you for it!


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