Part II:You know you don’t belong to the corporate world when:

• You think your boss takes her job too seriously and you try to explain to her the difference between being serious and being sincere.

• The boss calls a meeting to decide which side of the circle looks better and everyone congratulates the boss for his ingenuity.

• Each day in office is like a milestone and you break it up into digestible pieces of ‘ tea just after coming to office’, ‘tea after coming to office’, ‘tea quite some time after coming to office’, ‘ tea pre lunch break’, lunch break, afternoon tea, ‘pre snack green tea’ and snacks. This is the first time you realise how important breaking up a difficult task into small achievable tasks is.

• You talk to your boss/ colleagues about Passion, Philosophy , Purpose and they correct you with Product, Placement, Promotion and Price.

• You wonder how your dad managed to do the same thing for 25 years of his career and you filled with conflicting emotions of respect for his single minded focus of earning money for the family and disdain for living such a narrow, unidirectional life.

• The office printer assumes an important place in your life and you have never felt as helpless as when the printer icon displays the message ‘the document could not be printed ‘.

• In the name of information security and preventing employee corruption with too many exchanges of ideas, all the networking/news sites are blocked and you rave and rant that this is no better than a concentration camp.

• You suddenly realise the obvious and your heart starts beating fast- that you have to work for the rest of your life.

• Your boss thinks the super boss is a descendant of God, masquerading in human form and you see him as another human being in flesh and blood with his own set of insecurities.

• Your colleagues tell you how busy they are and how hard they have been working every time you want a de-stressing conversation.

• It dawns on you that your identity is defined by your grade and level and not by the person you are.

• The cost cutting initiative cuts your travelling allowance by 50 % but makes more losses by investing in unviable projects. For you ‘penny wise pound foolish’ reaches an entire new dimension.

• You realise the company’s obsession with growth is crazy and not sustainable. Then you realise downturns are our own creation and that the obsession with cancerous growth is just another way of getting an expensive chemotherapy treatment. All this ensures that there is enough ‘nothings’ to do.

• Your boss tries to motivate you by saying that he has seen the spark in you and that he will ignite the passion by making you slog a bit more and you look at him with incandesce.

•When your boss acts like a traffic police diverting mail traffic to the reportees and you wonder if your boss can be replaced with a computer generated algorithm.

To be continued…


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