Lateral Views: There is sweetness in pain!!!

Atypical day… we were going to Pune for an annual partner’s conference. The annual appraisal rating was out the previous night (the ramification –???), the taxi came well on time but it was the wrong car. After some few ordinary exchanges with the owner, I somehow convince the owner to send us another car, which was to meet us at the airport, the most prominent point in the city. However, the driver took about half an hour to spot us though he  came from just 2 KM away…For those who were waiting us for the last one hour, the narration of the episode was lame…

Touchwood! In spite of all those morning omens, the day went well…

Precedence warned us that there could be nasty “You-You”… ” Me-Me” exchanges in the meeting. And out of the four, three of us were to make our debut in this yearly ritual. The experienced soul tried to manage our expectations by giving us few doses of the previous episodes, to which we end up laughing by assassinating few characters…

“We should not be laughed at during the meeting but we should come out laughing” …That’s exactly what we did.

We left the resort at about twilight…As I was in the front seat, I’ve got to be the default DJ on the car’s system, which has just 3 radio channels…I contributed to the conversation by being the silent listener most of the time…from the latest TV ad to some mimicry to character assassination to poems, the trip was a cacophony of one of our best laughs. I listened and gratified with whatever I could comprehend…As we were hitting the cliffy picturesque, cutting through the silky A/C air came “Daard mein bhi mithaas hain” (There is sweetness/pleasure in pain)…

It just struck me hard…My head keep on pounding my cognizance:

Who can be that bugger who finds sweetness in pain”… on deeper though “Is that what you called self actualization?”

Association of pain with sweetness is something rare (atleast to me). The only thing I could think of pain is that, day in and day out human beings and even animals and plants are busy trying to escape from some form of pain on the other…

”A lioness moving her little cups to shade as the sun rises to avoid sun rays hitting her little ones, a sea gull diving the big blue to fetch some fish so that her little ones is not invaded by pangs of hunger, a mother during lactation avoids her favorite spicy food so that her infant doesn’t get stomach upset, a surgeon administering anesthesia to prevent her patient from the pain during  the operation”

I gave deeper thoughts and to make it clearer, I categorized pain and analyzed individually.

(Physical pain) You get hit on your body, you cut yourself with a knife, you are hungry, your body is fatigue, you have disease, you are exposed to abnormal environment (fire, cold, etc.)…In all these situations every sane man will try and escape as soon as possible. Even patience doesn’t stand when a man is in agony. He will take the easiest route to distance the pain…So where is the sweetness?  

(Emotional Pain) You have a fight with you’re dear ones, your girlfriend and you just broke off, your dear ones fall ill, you’re parent forgot to buy you a present on your birthday…It is then, though you are physically fit, but your favorite dish is like a stale mid-day meal, you’re hobby becomes a drag, you don’t want to see any face anywhere, you start questioning you’re existence, you start to question why God, why to me?…So where is the sweetness?   

(Pain of Despair) You failed your examination, your opponents beat you, all of your option is over, you don’t have money when someone whom you fancy asked you out, you see your peers rocketing ahead of you, when someone whom you despise gives you lectures and you are forced to listen to it…Even man cries, leave alone boys (at least internally). It is then that the pangs of despair diminish human being in such manner that you feel you want to hide inside your nails, even the self proclaimed LION will only have one feeling for himself, that is sympathy…You succumb to the pain so much that you resorted to alcohol, though you were a teetotaler before, you escape to new environment, though you were the Mr. popular of the town… So where is the sweetness?      

Lo and behold…

  • Even though mummy dear will wrap the wounds with bandage or band aid, the little one would savor little joy by unwrapping the healing wounds in mummy’s absence and inflicts little bouts of pain by touching and poking around the wound while hissing…aayyaahh!!!…aannaahh!!!…oooouch!!! with those cheeky little smiles, though the little one still remembers how much she wailed and for how long when she inflicted the wounds…Isn’t they just loved those little pain???
  • Do you remember? The last time you had a tooth ache, you whined and complained, you swear to yourself why you don’t develop the habit of brushing before you go to sleep, you blame your buddy for bringing those sweets to office. Also you very well knew that the pain accentuates if you chew or those food touches that tooth…but you also remembered when there is a temporary subside or reduction in the degree of pain, you invited back the pain by touching it with you’re tongue or poke a finger at it…And those pain, hitherto a curse, is now a satisfaction?
  • I remember, in my younger days when I lived football through the day, whenever we lost a close match, I would either punch a wall or kick the goal post out of frustration, even though the black and blue fist or toe will throw back pain, but somehow the feeling of frustration dwindles. I don’t play football anymore, but I still have this feeling once in a while that if I couldn’t convert a task or trail (mostly close one), the only thing which can instantly transport me out of that “Pain of Despair” is to somehow inflict “Physical Pain”So there is a reason to pain myself?

Either to fend off a different type of pain or to get some perverted pleasure or to quench mischievous thirst or to feed the “Other Dog” within us, we sometime invite or push ourselves to inflicting pain. Is this because of our imperfect rationality that we have to be irrational sometimes?


Is it because there is some meaning in some pain that we have to invite them sometime?…Maybe the conscious in us could not taste the sweetness, which only the subconscious or the unconscious can taste it?   

I don’t know whether I’m making sense trying to factualize this weird hypothesis. I know most of you would think it is just some rhetoric and is just for the poetic world, which doesn’t have any pragmatic bearings. Even I’m with you, but for a second, try and bring some of your lateral thoughts; maybe you’ve already tasted it?

Agar daard mein mithaas na hota DAIBATESE mein kyoun daard hota?… 🙂



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2 Responses to Lateral Views: There is sweetness in pain!!!

  1. Vipin Naik says:

    A neat analysis of an essential and inevitable part of our lives – The Pain. It may not be the pain itself but the relief one gets on relaxing soon after the pain subsides that is enjoyable….If we explore it mathematically….think of ground zero state where you are simply relaxing and have no major pain from life….after a while even this state becomes painful….like your legs go to sleep or you simply get bored of a vacation in Goa cut off from rest of the world. Now to create excitement and rise above ground zero level you move towards pain…. arise and walk or travel back to your place of livelihood….although u know the state you were in earlier was lot more peaceful…..these actions subsides the momentary pain and boredom but no sooner do you walk or work you are reminded of earlier state of comfort…a new pain. Same with physical pain, emotional pain and all. All the great things of life comes in pairs of major contrast – yin yang. But I simply luv the closing statement in Boi’s blog…:) Boi himself is a sweet pain….you’d agree if u know him

  2. lateralviews says:

    Nini, I guess you can give 2.0 version of this topic…I know it’s close to your heart…Maybe you can write “There is Pain in Painless” or something like that…and you can end with something more profound!!!

    Anyway good comment!!! I hope this is just the begining of your’e assosciation with Lateralviews.


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