Movie Review: Fast and Furious 4…Should I watch it now or wait?

IMDB was introduced to me by George Costanza, a.k.a Prithwish (christened along with Mehul Haria, who are one of the few fans of Seinfeld, when we met him face-to-face for the first time in Chennai airport for some official chores) who was again introduced by Gobin. I was instructed that anything which is below 7 in IMD rating should not be watched…sounds logical as the IMDB top 250 list has many of my all time favorites (maybe selection bias)!!!

On a Monday night (When I supposedly ditched this one night trip organized by office buddies), Gobin after being laid off early by his female friend, asked me to go for a movie and I don’t know for some reason he gave me an option of either “Fast and Furious 4” or “Gulaal”?…Maybe to prove a point on his endorsement of being “indigenous” the last time we had a “2nhalfpegs”.I skim through IMBD to check the rating of Fast and Furious 4 and it was rated 7 while all the other previous sequels were around the 5 point mark. Since I’ve seen 2 out of the previous 3 and which, I kinda find at least a onetime watch, I thought a difference of 2 rating in a scale of 10, which technically is 20% higher have to be a multiplex watch (I keep this categorization of – if it’s below 7 rating in IMDB then it ought to be the majestic Torrent). The last time we tried watching Gulaal when a Tollywood rising star came down from Chennai resulted in a fiasco, I though Fast and Furious 4 is waiting for tonight And also because, though I’m not what you called the typical blink blink yuppies or Gen Y types, but I’ll jump on the mention of Hollywood products more then others.

The movie started with just one trailer and without the National Anthem, maybe it was late in the night? It began with a jaw dropping action sequence (a typical Fast and Furious action sequel). Hyping up the adrenaline in me, I was prepared for a drop dead actions with unprecedented car chases and a not yet imagined action stunts.

The movie rolled with few power cuts in the middle. My mate, keeps on hissing and twisting in the next seat from time to time whenever these emotional scenes comes up, which I ignored reasoning its his itsy bitsy teeny weenie ways. But the chirping continued in regular intervals, though it stopped after sometime, maybe he went fast asleep or maybe because of my stone cold response. The movie definitely is high on EQ…

There are few observations because of which I don’t think it deserves a 7 rating in IMDB:

· There was this Korean guy who appeared in the initial scenes, but who died in the last sequel (Tokyo Drift).

·Vin Diesel has just this one “a le-60s” Sunil Dutt expression of taking revenge, throughout.

·There were more shootings then car chases where the heroes were hardly hit by bullets.

·Like typical Bollywood yester year movies, the two heroes went to catch the villain in a town full of beefy amigos with sophisticated guns and cars. They came back with their hunt with minimal injuries.

·At the end, when Vin Diesel was taken to Prison, Paul Walker, an FBI agent along with his girlfriend rescued him from the prison van without firing a bullet. The prisoner bus was without any escort nor any security guard inside…I’m sorry if that’s how the security in US works!!

Well I have a record of not abandoning any movie in the middle, maybe I appreciate art too much or I’m just too value conscious to leave halfway for what I’ve paid. I watched Ram Gopal Verma ki Agga till the end. Am I saying if I’ve not paid for the ticket I will abandon halfway?… Maybe, maybe not…

I believe in remakes or inspired genre of movie making, even in music. IMHO Fast and Furious 4 is such a movie, though originated from Hollywood but was intended to make commercially big in the inspired version in places like Bollywood. I bet the Mastan Duo or may be Mr. Verma can easily comeback to limelight just by verbatim of the movie. I don’t know, I strongly feel this one doesn’t fit the tag From Hollywood, if it’s a Bollywood movie then I sure might liked it.

What I can say is if you like a Bollywood caper, just don’t watch Fast and Furious 4 yet! Maybe it’ll come very soon with a better Indian spice…Savor it for Diwali fall…Don’t spoil your appetite yet!!!

CAVEAT: This review is strictly my personal views and also to a large extend my mood on that night!!!



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